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360hypes360hypes.net is an independent information resource and community for all everyone involved in the education  and Entertainment sector.

We provide scholarly info’s and report latest Entertainment Gist, Music, Videos, News, trends from all over the wolrd.

We are also building a database of rich information on the ever-evolving education technology tools and how they are being used.

We do not have any direct affiliation, unless otherwise stated, with the institutions mentioned on our website.

As we appreciate your intellect and as it requires great work to bring YOU the most accurate entertaining news/information, we have made sure that our team consists of a mix of the good, the naughty and the most beautiful people, just the way you want it served.

360hypes empowers artists by letting them showcase their music to real hip hop fans. Meanwhile, our members enjoy the latest and hottest in hip hop singles, albums, videos and entertainment news.

At 360hypes, we pride ourselves in delivering hot and new/old content daily. We are quickly becoming the premium destination for hip hop music and a promotional powerhouse for established artists and rising stars. We have one of the largest communities of hip hop aficionados on the web and serve as a direct link between artists and fans alike.

360hypes is new, but we hope to attracts millions of unique users monthly… and we will surely grow steadily.

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